All elements in a filled region


I’m trying to find how to get all elements (walls and poles in particular) in a filled region.

Someone know if it’s possible ?



Why not do it with rooms ?

Should be way easier i think or does it have to be with a filled region ?

Because there are already rooms defined in this region… I think it’s not possible no ?

It’s a grouping of rooms.

I dont understand you ?
If im right you are trying to get the info of the 2 rooms in the top left? Why would u do this with a filled region when you can just get all the elements in the 2 rooms which is way easier in my opinion

Filled regions are tough, as they are flat - that is they love in two dimensional space that is layered atop the three dimensional model.

An area may be easier, I think you can ask if a Point is inside an area. Plus they schedule, tag, and have all sorts of other benefits. Archilab has a Select.GetRoomAtPoint which means that you can likely build a similar node for spaces and areas.

Could you switch to using areas instead? :slight_smile:

Ok I’m trying with areas :

I found the tutorial of creating a filled region tag that gives the Area, and I am successfully created one, now I want it to bring it in schedule, I was wondering if you have dynamo script for that. Thanks.