Alignment Station Offset Label

Does anyone know how to create Dynamo Graph for “Alignment Station Offset Label” to be exported to the Excel? All labels are already being created, but need clever way like Dynamo graph to export these labels to Excel. I am new to Dynamo, appreciate some guides from our expert team.


Hi @BEK Welcome to Forum,

Credit has to be given to @samir Please see this if it helps.


@shahid.shaikh_C3D , appreciate it! I have watched several times, make sure i have not done something wrong. However, on the string split, it only come with one single list. Anyone can share the light?

@BEK Can you please change the level for str in String.split and see it if works.

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Fantastic! Thanks! I will never forget about the level.

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@shahid.shaikh_C3D @BEK here’s another approach using Camber, my new package for Civil 3D. There is a node to get label text contents. Give it a try!


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