Alignment Station Dynamo

Hi, I need help to automate the creation of labels in the alignments, I have been investigating and I can not find anything.

The idea is from dynamo to select an alignment and label it with the selected style.

Greetings and thank you very much !!

Buenas, necesito ayuda para automatizar la creacion de etiquetas en las alineaciones, he estado investigando y no encuentro nada.

La idea es desde dynamo seleccionar una alineacion y que etiquete con el estilo seleccionado.

Saludos y muchas gracias!!

Welcome! What kind of labels, station offset labels? You should search for the “Camber” package which has some label creation nodes.

The idea is to add these labels to the alignment, since in many projects I have 10 or 12 alignments very close together and I have to erase and create labels to be able to work.

Civil use 3d in Spanish.

la idea es añadir estas etiquetas a la alineacion, ya que en muchos proyectos tengo 10 o 12 alineaciones muy juntas y tengo que ir borrando y creando etiquetas para poder trabajar.

Uso civil 3d en español.

In that case, manually make a label set you want then save it and when creating an alignment, like from a polyline for example, feed in the label set name and that should help.

Sorry, it seems to me that I do not explain myself well, to the alignments that I create, I usually put them “no labels” so that the texts do not pile up and be able to work.

the question is really created an alignment, how to tag it again in dynamo? it is so as not to go into each alignment in the window that I have passed.

Sorry if I have not expressed myself well at all.

Perdon, me parece que no me explico bien, a las alineaciones que creo, normalmente las pongo “no labels” para que no se amontonen los textos y poder trabajar.

la pregunta realmente es creada una alineacion, como poder etiquetarla de nuevo en dynamo? es para no ir entrando en cada alineacion en la ventana que he pasado.

Perdon si no me he expresado bien del todo.

I’m not aware of a way to set Alignment label sets after the alignment has been created. Maybe you can recreate them and specify new label set you want. Other than that, @AdammReilly your CivilDynNodes package can read the document’s alignment label sets but can you then set the alignment label set by object?

Ok, thank you very much for your help.

I see that once created they cannot be re-created, I will try to change the way of working.

a greeting.

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I didn’t get very far with that package. I was originally testing exposing a bunch of basic API items that weren’t already available, but didn’t progress much after that first publish.
Querying for data was easier at the time than editing things, so there’s not much for editing.


FYI you can add Alignment label sets with these nodes in the Camber package starting in v4.0.0.

alignment label set