Alignment Tags via Dynamo

I am trying to add alignment labels for the line and curve segments of an alignment in order to quickly create a line and curve table.

This is as far as I have got. do I need to add a point to each segment to then attach a label to? Or can I just get Dynamo to pull the segments, separate them and then add the corresponding label?



Sorry for a late answer but I was on vacation and finally got some time in the backseat of the car :smiley:
Think the graph as a flow, more than a parallel work.

  1. Get Alignment
  2. Get Alignment SubEntities
  3. Get a Point for insertion of label
  4. Set out the label.

Could this be a solution?

I created a graph that get midpoint on all subentities for the alignment and then use this as the insertion point for label.
I divided the outputs, one for Lines and one for NOT Lines if the user want to have different labels for each SubEntity type but you can use the same label for all entities and skip that part in my graph.
Then I also added the label rotation as bonus for you so that the labels get the same rotation as the tangent along the entity at point location.

Hope it will give some ideas and help

To make graph work for you I recommend Civil3DToolkit, Camber and Arkance packages
AlignmentLabels.dyn (81.5 KB)

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@patrick.ericson Thank you so much for this solution.

The only modification would be to select a single alignment at a time. This script labels all alignments at once; where in plan production, each alignment would need exclusive numbering, i.e. line 100, line 200 etc. And would it be possible to replace the “Alignment Station Offset Label Style” node with an alignment line/curve style node?

I tried to make these changes myself however I was met with an error as the receiving label style node didn’t like the alignmentlinestyle node i replaced the offset label style in your configuration.

Also, as a side note, is there a listing of all commands in Dynamo? When trying to create my own script I am limited in knowing what nodes are even available to use. I have camber and the civil toolkit installed. per your post, I installed Arkance as well.

Thanks, Chris

Change these nodes to “Select Object” and you are up and running.

For the notes, try this one