Alignment object (new in revit 2022 API)

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when i cheak what is new in Revit API 2022 found new object “Civil Alignments”. that is very important for linear str. (bridge and tunnel) .
Is that mean now we have Alignments object in Revit as in Civil3d?
Is any one has any information for this new object and How can it be used?


Thank you for sharing the information.

My understanding is the API is for coordination purpose to verify a civil structure which is imported from InfraWorks or Civil3D. Revit 2022 now support alignment not object and can add station annotation in it.
Alignment data will be obtained from InfraWorks according to the document.
I can’t find anything related with the civil structure API in the document.

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But good thing is we don’t need to use “Generic Model”. They finally added civil categories!

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any one test this options?

Hi Ramiz,

i allready did a post in InfraWorks Forum

I managed to import an alignment object to Revit. But only when i created the alignment in Infrawork. When I pass an alignment from Civil3D to Infrawork to Revit then there is only Civil Structure importing in Revit but no alinment objects.

Maybe someone else has more experience.


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