Align the origin of a profile in on a new coordinate system

Hi all, I randomly created a nurbs curve(3D) with points, and a rectangle(Profile) on world coordinate system.

I want to make a solid sweep along this curve. I pulled this profile from WCS to the endpoint plane. But I found it is not orienting correctly as shown in the picture.

I know it is possible to put the rectangle profile on the endpoint plane directly, but what I would like to do is to get the polycurve from a Revit profile family, that I must pull it from the WCS xy plane to the end point plane, and then I fail to orient it correctly as shown in red circle.

Could anyone of you please kindly offer me some assistance. Thanks in advance.

Hi @pccheung
did you use Geometry.Transform?

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Oh yes!!! Thank you Sir! It works fine. I always follow you in Twitter. Thx !

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