Questions about creating and orienting planes

Hello everyone,
I have just started studying this amazing program, I am trying to create a tower, I am facing the following problems:

  1. I am not sure how to control the fillet of the corners (it looks like I cannot choose extendCircula with a particular value)

  2. after dividing the curve I would like to have all the normal lines exiting my curve but I have some of them facing inside

  3. how can I create some oriented planes according to those lines so that I can easily create a profile and then extrude along the surface?

thank you all!! ^^

  1. Don’t Offset circular, use a Polycurve and Fillet it.

  2. A Polycurve will likely keep the normal orientation more consistent.

  3. Use a CoordinateSystemAtParameter on the polycurve to get one CS and then use a Geometry.Transform to place your profile on the location. Then use a sweep method to go the full perimeter of the Polycurve.

thank you so much dear Jacob! ^^

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