Align Function in Dynamo and Lock function in Dynamo

After doing a little research i couldn’t find anything on this topic exactly. My problem is that I have to align an object to a center line of another object & then click the lock button. This can be very time consuming when you have hundreds of the command sequences to complete. I was wondering is there a way in Dynamo to access the Align command and access that Lock command and combine them into one process? Thanks in advance for any input you can give.

Can you show us what you have tried?

I dont have a dynamo code as of yet. I tried searching through all of the different functions in dynamo but couldn’t find any node that accessed the Align command in Revit or even a lock control.

You can get the x,y,z coordinates of things, and move other “things” to that location.
That’s the “Align” command in Dynamo, sort off

The idea to have it as a main command has been in the Idea Station for 4 years. I am trying to figure out a faster way doing that process.

I haven’t seen any scripts that have a lock function.
Did you search the API database if its an option?


You can use the NewAlignment in the Revit API.
There is an example of this method in the Align Pattern To Edges node in Genius Loci package.

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