Alias section is needed

Hi :.
This forum is really useful, but almost of users and topics are for revit. There is very little topics discuss alias integration.
Also there is no packages that enhance interoperability with Alias.
Even there is no Alias section in the forums!!!
Please we need more support for dynamo-alias .
Thanks very much.

Dynamo for Alias is very new - about a month at this point. As such there won’t be many packages or specialty functions ready for Alias. The world is at the same level of experimentation which you are. Similarly, if you go back and look at forums posts (in the old forum) and packages from when Dynamo for Revit a month old, you would see that there wasn’t much then either (I don’t know that Package Manager existed in its current form). The stuff you’re referring to (packages and forum posts) is generated by users just like you. And while this will happen with Alias as well, it’s going to take some time to get up and running. Please be patient and keep contributing as the sort of stuff you ask about will become the foundation for future users.

The forum is also not broken out into separate associated software, because the intent of the forum is for users to learn Dynamo from each other across all software. As different as Alias and Revit initially appear, they are both data in the end, and Dynamo is just a common visual programming interface for manipulating that data. To some extent what works for A applies to B and the like.

I do agree that a separate Alias tag would certainly help tidy things up here (and ones for Advance Steel and Robot while we are at it), and I will float the idea to the leadership accordingly.


We’ve added a section for Alias specific issues. Thanks for the feedback!