After succesful Dynamo script run Revit model became too complex and large

Hi everyone!

I played around in Dynamo to build a tunnel concrete deck profile below the railway. After several script and run finally it build the model successfully but the file size almost 800MB (Generic model adaptive family file).

The base:
Imported dwg which contains the axis of the tunnel, top of rail lines and the edge of the sidewalk line.
The script build full and hollow forms separately. These forms base is a 3 point adaptive cross section family. The script must handle superelevation correctly.

Someone could advice another solution to reduce model complexity and the file size?

what is the file size of a single family?

The cross section family about 400kB.
I build the deck with these slices of form. Another slices with the hollow one.

Before the drain void cut out the file size cca. 40MB