Running Dynamo Script Causes Model File Size to Increase?

I have a client that is experiencing a drastic file size increase for his model every time he runs his script. Based on the screenshots he’s sent me, it looks like the file size is increasing roughly 30-40MB each time he runs his script.

Once he’s done working in the model, he compacts it and the file size decreases but it’s still fairly larger than it was prior to running the script.

I understand that some file size increase is to be expected as he’s using Dynamo to add information to his project, but is it typical for the increase to be that drastic?

If anyone has any ideas or information on this, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks in Advance!

I think a critical part here is what the Dynamo script is actually doing. Without seeing the script i’m sure its hard to tell if whats happening is normal.


This is exactly the issue.

Revit uses OLE storage to compact the file data. But because of that any references which are created have to be stored separately the first time out. Compact to central reconfigures the data base to simplify data streams to reduce the file size. Stuff like dimensioning, element creation via redundant geometry calls, and more will impact size as a result, but that compact sync will clear things up quite effectively.

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That makes sense. The problem is that the model seems to be keeping a significant amount of data, much more than I would expect is actually being added by the script. (It is only filling in 4 different project parameter values for a handful of model groups.) After compacting he is still seeing a total file increase of about 60-80MB total.

I was unable to replicate his issue using the detached model that he provided. I was only seeing a total of about 0.5MB added to the file size on my end, and that was without any compacting.

I have requested permission to share his script and if he approves, I will be sure to share it to this thread.

With permission from the client, here are the scripts. One is his version and the other is one that I modified slightly to resolve warnings and make more legible. Any criticism, opinions, advice, and/or insight on either or both is welcome.

Copy Areas to Groups_CHaney.dyn (133.0 KB)
Copy Areas to Groups_Client.dyn (96.3 KB)