Tutorial files not working - outdated by updates?

This is the example file from tutorial 8 from https://dynamobim.org/learn/#161 .

I have also had issues with;

  1. FamilyInstance.ByPoint component from tutorial 6 - “Warning: FamilyInstance.ByPoint expects argument type(s) (FamilyType, Point), but was called with (Revit.Elements.FamilyType, Function)” The example file works fine, however. Very puzzling since I have followed every step, yet mine doesn’t work.

    1. For tutorial 7, AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints throws error ( null ) when I do it - supposedly the fault of the wrong formatting of the list. However, the example file works fine. Flattening seems to have worked fine, so not sure where it is going wrong.

As I am watching tutorials, I realise they were created a few versions back, and maybe some updates have changed the output format of certain components.

Running latest Dynamo (2.0.2) with Revit 2019.2 .

What should I do ?
Please advise…

Generally speaking, I think it’s better to start with the Dynamo Primer instead of trying to replicate from a video. As far as I know, the primer has been updated for Dynamo 2.0.


I’m not sure which video you’re referring to as tutorial #8. It appears you’re trying to follow “Parametric Assembly Part 1” based on what i’m seeing in your screenshot, but I count that to be #7

This indicates that you’re missing an input in the preceding node, causing it to act as a function instead of returning a point.

Hard to know what’s happening here as we can’t see how you’ve built the graph - shot in the dark check if you’re using lacing or list levels incorrectly - longest lacing may be required instead of Auto.

Thank you for the detailed reply. I will stick to Primer, and try the solutions you have suggested :slight_smile: