Adjusting Mass Geometry

I’m as new as it gets to Dynamo, so apologies if this is basic. I’m looking to take a space, create a mass or solid, and then adjust the geometry of the solid. In the image below, I have a conditioned space (large), and an unconditioned space (small). I’ve got the masses from the spaces, but would like to take the large space and expand it out 5.5" each way from a plan view. I do not want the small space to be impacted.

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Hello @tm7 - No apologies needed! The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first one :pray: Welcome to our community and I hope you find a lot of awesomeness here.

Making the assumption that you want this back in Revit, one easy way to do this is adjust the geometry in Dynamo and push back in a static sense back into Revit. You can achieve this with the following actions:

  1. Take your list of Solids (Yours will be Element.Geometry, and I’ve made a proxy with List.Join)
  2. Sort the Solids by their Area (Smallest to Largest) using Solid.Area and List.SortByKey where the area is your key
  3. Collect the Last item with List.LastItem - which is your largest Solid
  4. Take the Centroid of that solid with Solid.Centroid which gives you a point at the center of that solid
  5. Use this point to be the origin for your Plane.ByOriginNormal which we will use as our scale system
  6. Use Geometry.Scale to scale around this Plane, to the scale factor of your choosing. I’ve used only the X and Y amounts as I don’t want the height to change (Note: May need some math here to get the accurate amount)

tm7_ScaleUniformlyAroundSolidCentroid.dyn (34.9 KB)

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Wow this works great, thank you!

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You are most welcome :smiley: