Adjust split wall position

Continuing the discussion from Vertically Compound Wall - Adding Splits and Layers:


I have a family that has a split 1 meter from the floor, as shown in the attached figure.

In the code below I can access the horizontal segment of the cut and also its position in relation to the base of the wall using GetSegmentCoordinate ().

FamiliaNova = FamiliaParedeBase.Duplicate(FamiliaParedeNova)
EstruturaComposta = FamiliaNova.GetCompoundStructure()
RegioesIds = EstruturaComposta.GetRegionIds()

# Obter segmentos horizontais referentes as divisões nas paredes
SegmentosIds = EstruturaComposta.GetSegmentIds()
SegmentosHorizontais = []
for SegmentoId in SegmentosIds:
	SegmentoOrientacao = EstruturaComposta.GetSegmentOrientation(SegmentoId)
	if SegmentoOrientacao == RectangularGridSegmentOrientation.Horizontal:
		SegmentoAltura = EstruturaComposta.GetSegmentCoordinate(SegmentoId)
		SegmentoAltura = UnitUtils.Convert(SegmentoAltura, DisplayUnitType.DUT_DECIMAL_FEET, DisplayUnitType.DUT_METERS)
		SegmentosHorizontais.append([SegmentoId, SegmentoAltura])

**# How do I move the segment at this point???**

I need to move this segment 50 cm upwards vertically, but I didn’t find a method to do this in the Revit API documentation.

How do I move this segment upwards?