Is it possible to create horizontal split in all wall layer from rooms height

Is it possible to create horizontal split in all wall layer from rooms height

If you want to split all the layers… you are splitting the wall. Or am i missing something?

Hi @Daniel_Hurtubise ,

Thanks for the reply. i want to only split the layer that come into contact with room boundary (or touch the room boundary) with the same height as room height. see image below:

The reason for that is in our firm client is discontinue the use of split face option because if in the future some walls need to be updated or changed than the split face might be deleted and we are restricted to create separate walls for layer or create parts from wall. so the only option is that we need to split inside the wall layer to assign the finishes depending on the rooms/ areas which are very time consuming (considering all future projects). which i am wondering is there anyway we can do task with dynamo.

Hi all, Any idea would be helpful if that’s possible through dynamo or API. :innocent:

The only way to do this currently is either to model this layer as a separate wall altogether, or use parts (unless you use split face, which the author doesn’t want to originally). Generally the parts API is a hit and miss in terms of what it allows, and would be challenging to work with as you’ll probably run into a lot of fringe cases.

Hi Gavin, Thank you for the response. :innocent:

We have not permission to use wall parts also (due to some sort of graphical representation or needed to update/ change wall type after). So we have only one option, apply horizontal split inside a wall layer to show all wall finishes. If there is a way to auto apply splits through room boundary than it’s will drastically reduce time for all ongoing and future projects.