Additional points in Dynamo

Hi All,

I am new to Dynamo and trying to create my first script. It works fine as it is, but there are 2 extra points in the background and I just can’t work out why. Can anyone have a look and advise. File attached below. Thanks in advance.

Framing System.dyn (56.7 KB)

Right click on the “CurvePointAtParameter” nodes or the 2 nodes after them and turn the preview off.

I know it would make them invisible but wondering what am I doing wrong and why they are there?

I doubt you’re doing anything wrong.
Items in Dynamo can be rotated/ moved etc but the originals remain.

If you don’t turn off preview as you go then your canvas will be littered with points/ lines / curves etc.

Quick way to find out which node(s) are producing them is to drag a window over the nodes. When the background points turn blue you’ve highlighted the node(s) responsible.

You can also switch to the background preview and select geometry and the associated node by clicking on it.