Adding the parameter "Mark" to my imported piles

Hi all,

My as-built Pile misstake script is ready…now I’m tweaking it bit by bit.
I want to build an check into the script. Well…check…?? It’s more to comfort the user that the imported piles have the same pilenumbers with a added “discription”.
So the designed Pile and the pile from the contractors list are named: P01, P02, etc.
And the imported piles (once created in Revit) should be named P01AB, P02AB, etc.
But I to question is how to do it.

In to moment I only have coördinates that I bring into Revit using FamilyInstance.ByPoint.
So I think I somehow must compare the list of coördinates with a list of coördinates AND pile numbers. And then “tell” the outgoing (into Revit) piles what there number is (after adding AB (As-Built)).

And the same thing goes for the familytype. Pile 01 is a piletype. And the same typ must be going back into Revit But with the coördinates of the As-built piles.

Hope this all makes sence. And again: DON’T give me the solution! Just point me in the right direction first please!

Paalmisstanden.xlsx (8.9 KB)
Pile coördinates to Excel.dyn (25.6 KB)
Paalmisstanden test.rvt (2.4 MB)

Never mind…Found it! :wink: