Adding or remove shared parameter of the family without open it


It would be fantastic to be able to manage the addition of parameters and deletion without necessarily opening the family.

I find the work of: @ MartinSpence
with the topic: Adding parameters to a family

That works perfectly for the addition of shared parameters but requires opening the family. Perhaps working on python you could do what I need but I’m not an expert on codes.

Any suggestions or help?

Thanks a lot to everyone.

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Maybe this could be helpful:



To modify a file, one must first open the file to read the data contained therein - doesn’t matter what the file type is, EVERY file type works this way.
To open a Revit family, one must use Revit or you get a bunch of compressed data streams which don’t have any real meaning.
Ergo to modify a Revit family one must open the file in Revit. You can see more or less of this process depending on how you open the files.

Background open may work well with some modifications of the content @MartinSpence previously provided.

Otherwise you could look into the Dynamo for Automation package, which allows bulk processing of Revit files with a single DYN. Info on this method can be found here: GitHub - andydandy74/DynamoAutomation: Batch-processing of Revit models using the Dynamo visual programming environment

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a node save journal file and the node run journal file would be a welcome addition here :wink:

  • open a family and do your thing
  • record a journal file of whatever your thing was, save that part
  • open a bunch of families and run that journal file on them
    a bit like @Andreas_Dieckmann’s stuff
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Hi to everyone,

thank you very much for your help and suggestions, I will work on what is indicated and I will keep you updated.

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