Adding one list to all sublists of another list

I have a list of 7 items and each list has further 12 sublists as shown in pics . I want to add another list of 12 items such as first item of this small list is the first element of the first sublist of each list, 2nd element of this small list as first element of 2nd sublist of each list and so on. As there are 12 items in this list and every list also has 12 sublists , so in simple, each sublist take respective item from this small list.

The long list looks like

At the end, i want like this,

You may have to duplicate your short list for each sublist you add it to, but look into AddItemToFront.

I tried with List.AddItemToFront but gave me problems though i played alot with lacing and levels. Yes let me try duplicating this short list into required number of times. Thanks

I did duplicate and AddItemToFront were still causing problems but list.combine with duplicated lists did the work. Thanks

With the right structure and lacing it will work. There are usually multiple solutions in dynamo though. Glad you found one that worked for you.

With Design Script …


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