Add item to front of 1 sublist

Is there a way to add an item to only 1 sublist?
I’ve been trying out the node for List.AddItemToFront but it doesn’t seem to work for me… or i’m either struggling with the list levels or lacing…
Any suggestions?

AddItemToFront is correct. Make sure you have the right list structure too.

When I use AddItemToFront, this is the closest I get to what the end result needs to look like, but it needs to be in the sublist…

So your list to add to consists of two sublists, meaning you’ll need two items to add to them. You’ll also need to have those two items in a proper list structure. If you’re only adding an item to one list then you’ll need to figure out how to handle that as well - either by separating your lists and rejoining them or by cleaning the second list after adding to it.

@Nick_Boyts Hmm okay I get it.

Well I’ve been thinking on it some more and it might need to be even different because I’ve only been testing on 1 element.

What I’m trying to achieve is:
first step: get all the ‘from room’ doors by room
second step: add the ‘to room’ doors by room if a certain parameter is checked

So maybe adding to front is not the right approach…

You can do the same thing with sublists and just flatten the combined groups to keep a single sublist by room.