Schedule manipulation with Dynamo


I want to know if there is any way to read and set the values for Filter in a Schedule view with Dynamo?

I am doing drawings where I need to put information on to the drawing that is best kept in a Schedule. What I need to do is to duplicate a Schedule and alter the Filter vale so it shows only the Door type that is on the drawing. And easy switch if I just could read and set the Filter parameter in a Schedule view, but I can’t find a node that does this neither am I proficient enough in Python to achieve this…

Please help me.


Anyone Know how to access the TableView Code Below? seems like the right route to take torwards filtering schedules.

parameter) is schedulable, it can be filtered. So the example can be:
var availableParameterIds = TableView.GetAvailableParameters
(RevitDoc, new ElementId(BuiltInCategory.OST_DuctTerminal));
foreach (var pid in availableParameterIds)
var builtinParameter = (BuiltInParameter)pid.IntegerValue;
//work with the BuiltInParameter

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