Filter By Type Parameter

Hi all

I’m very new to Dynamo.

I’m trying to get all the doors in my project that have a comment type with a given value.

My ultimate goal is to export a “Schedule” to Excel, but I’m taking it a step at a time…

I tried the Black Box package “Filter by type param value” but to no avail- i guess I’m doing something wrong…

see attached file.

using Revit 2015 and Dynamo


filter by type parameter


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My first guess would be to get rid of the Family.Name and FamilySymbol.ByName nodes and plug the All Elements of Category node directly into the elements input of the filter.

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It worked, thanks a lot!!!

But I hit the wall the very next move…

after filtering the list, I’m trying to get the actual value of the parameter, but instead the list I get has no values in it.

Any ideas?

Thankselement get parameter value by name

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Type comments is a type parameter, so you need to get the family type of the instances in your list.

You can di that like in the attached pic







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So with your help I managed to get the information I need to Excel.

Now the problem is that the list is not “itemized”, meaning a have a row for each instance.

what i would like to get is instances grouped by a certain paramter (type), and quantities for each instacne.

(so many words to describe a simple schedule…)

is there a way to do that in Dynamo, are do I have to resort to Excel formulas?

thanks again


Grouping elements has been discussed here on the forum a number of times. I recommend you do a search for “group”, “grouping” and/or “groupbykey” first.

Getting the quantities would then be fairly easy with List.Map and List.Count …

I would also recommend checking out the new BumbleBee package by Konrad Sobon which greatly enhances Dynamo’s Excel capabilities.

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