Adding data to / combining lists


I’m trying to take some data from excel to use in a project. I know I could make changes to the data in excel to make my life easier but I thought this would be simple, my solution alas is not… so I figure I’d ask here to see if there is a better way.

The attached spreadsheet shows the kind of data arrangement I have just now. What I’m trying to do initially is get a list for each room that contains the apartment number, room name and room area. A sample is shown on Sheet2

Apartment Sample.xlsx (10.6 KB)

My problem is taking the apartment name and adding that to the room data. My script as I say isn’t pretty, but, it DOES work… The question is, is there a clean simple easy way of doing it?

XLS_Import_Sample.dyn (20.8 KB)

Hi Keith,
Your screenshot is not clear. Post a clear image or drop here dyn script.

My apologies, hadn’t realised the image was so poor - I’ve posted the dyn script in the original post above.

There’s a really helpful excel method that I use a lot to fill empty data:

You can replicate that functionality in Dynamo with a bit of code:


Thanks Dimitar, I’ll give that a go, it’s definitely a lot tidier than my attempt!