Add Suffix with boolean to determine the index

Thanks for your reply, I am using it right now, but I have a question,
We have the list of doors (in my case windows) that we want to rename. I added the preffix to the duplicate windows in the same room but when I try to rename the element by Element.SetParameterByName, I need to have a boolean or something similar that determine the index of this new names to match it with the index of the elements so that I can rename them.15030_LVs_Fenster_mit numerierung.dyn (30.8 KB)

Please add your work so far (image of you graph) and the .dyn file. This makes it much easiere to help you :slight_smile:

Hello erfajo,

I just added the Dyn file and the jpg.
(to open the Dyn file, I used the Pakage SteamNodes)
Thanks in advance.

Try to see if this solves your problem.
I cannot test it since I dont have a dummy file, so I have tried to solve it using my logic sense :slight_smile:
15030_LVs_Fenster_mit numerierung.dyn (35.3 KB)

Hello Erfajo,
the script works out perfectly! Thanks!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: