Add points to exist topography

I want to do the excavation for foundations by dynamo .
After create the project land topography from the survey drawing and after finish modeling the foundations i want to make the dynamo read the vertical and horizontal surfaces of foundations then convert it to points with the offset that create the excavation level then insert it to the topography that i already did before .
If i will use the create topography by point it wont work with xyz points , thus its better to insert the points to exist topography.
is there any packageor way to insert the points by dynamo to the topography ?

I wonder if you would not find what you need in this discussion:

Thank you for answering , i opened this file and checked it its create topography by adding xy points only .
What i want exactly .

to add a list of points got it inside dynamo by this command for existing topography.

To do a vertical cut you would need points on top of each other which i believe is a no-go. Perhaps a better solution would be to create a pad and set the elevation accordingly.

Thank you Jacob for sharing you opinion about this subject .
Actually for the excavation in the site they follow this methodology

Thus the points wont be above each other .
I can control the points displacement but my main problem how to insert the list of points by using place point command .