Add Parameter Values to group instances

I have a bunch of groups and I’m looking to add values to some parameters within those groups. does anyone have a script that will push a value to selected groups elements parameters?.

For example I have group made up of a floor and beams. and i have some text parameters id like to fill but i don’t fancy tabbing through each group and each element instance to populate the parameters.

i have these parameters set to “Values can vary by instance” as the values will vary floor to floor.

You can use the OOTB Group.GetMembers node or Crumples Groups.Elements node which will return all the elements within a group. From that point you can use the set parameter value node like you would in any other condition. Create your script using this baseline and if you have any issues, post a clip of your script along with any errors you may be getting.

Thanks that seems to work great

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