How to set parameter Values can vary by group instance on dynamo created parameter for all categories

I’m setting up a few scripts for project startups and parameter value inputs and i’ve run into a small problem.
As this script creates a few parameters that is universal to all the entire projects categories, i want them to have all categories checked.
I managed to create the parameters easely enough using the “Parameter.CreateProjectParameterForAllCategories” node, but i also need them to set “Values can vary by group instance”

And i found a python script i tried, but this node dont have a “Out”, instead its a “Void”
(I do NOT know python yet btw)

Any solution?

Solved: Using different nodes. Empty strings are input taht can be filled in Dynamo Player. Now to find a way to sourt them out incase they are empty when playing the script.

The issue wasnt resovled afterall… I want the python script to change all the parameters i feed it, not just the named ones.
I tried tinkering with the python script, but cant get it to work. It sais Completed when i run the script, but it doesnt change Value can vary by group instance.

Another thing… the script wont add parameters that already exsist in the parameter group.

SOLVED HERE! How do i set multiple parameters as "Value can vary by group instance" in dynamo?