Set parameter to groups of elements

I need to set a parameter to each element within a group of elements in a list. What is the best way to get this done? The number of items match the number of groups so it should work, but I can’t sort out how to get it to apply to each member of the group.

If the parameter is for the instance then you need to get the instances contained in each group. If the parameter is for the group then you can use the groups you already have. I’d start by having one parameter value per group. As long as the list lengths match that will work. If not, you’ll need to have one parameter value per element. Again, the list level/length is the important part.

Right, so it’s an instance parameter that needs to be set across each member of the sorted groups. For example, 23 needs to go into each of the 5 elements in the first group, and so on down the list. The number of groups matches the number in the second list. So what I’m trying to understand is how to do that.

Your list levels don’t match. You can see the first group of elements has 5 items in it while the first group of values has more than 15. It might be easier if you use a watch node on the groups so you’re not seeing them with the keys as well.

Ok perfect. I just added a level to the group list and now they line up. Parameter is injecting properly now. Thanks!