Add parameter to families in project

I have some families in my project generated by Enscape, so these families only excist in the project and are not stored somewhere.

I want to add some extra parameters to these families, i know i can do it through projectparameters, but i don’t want to add parameters there to keep it clean… and they also don’t need to be shared parameters.

I ‘just’ want to add a parameter.

You’ll need to either edit/open from project, and then load back to project, or save them out to a directory, open via filepath, add parameters, close/save then reload them.

The orchid package can do either route, but the second method is far easier. I have a video showing it here:

As far as I know theyre the simplest approaches short of using project parameters as you identified.

If you want to explore option 1, I shared a script here that shows how it can be achieved using python:

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Elaborated solution posted here for searchability. OP also requested family based parmeters instead of shared.

Load and add family param.dyn (26.2 KB)

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this is great… exactly what i needed… thanks a lot…

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