Add Multiple Shared Parameter to project and assigning them to all the categories BY PYTHON

Hi All,

Is there a way to batch add multiple shared parameters to all the categories in a project using a single python node?

This is very straightforward using the OOTB node. Any reason for Python?

Hi @Hamish,

Thank you for your answer.

The reason for using Python is because this is part of a larger code that I am writing on a single python node script. For consistency, I am looking to do everything in Python.



Welcome to the wild, hellish landscape that is managing bindings in Revit.

These methods create a binding for a set of categories on a type or instance basis:

I’m not really across exactly how it’s all implemented in Python for Dynamo (just aware of the rationale behind parameter bindings) but the node from Genius Loci ‘Create Shared Parameter’ has most of the tools you will need to write a function like this.