Add Listview Data to filter element in Multipleinputform ++

Hello , I’am working on creating a script that help me add suffixe and prefixe to viewtemplates , but what I want to do is to filter the viewtemplates because I don’t want to add suff and Prefixe to all of them , but I couldn’t understand the UI Listview Data because this is my first time that I create a script with a UI,
here below is my script and how it’s appearing

and here is how I want it to be :

Can you post a new screenshot using the Export as Image feature? Make sure the node titles are visible and all pertinent node previews are pinned or have Watch nodes.

What you need to add is a ListView input with all view templates from your model. You can get these by getting all elements of category View, and then filtering those that are a template (IsViewTemplate).

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Here is another screenshot

You need to put the ViewTemplates as the keys and values to the ListView input so you get the selections only.

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