Add hyperlinks to Navisworks objects using an excel database

Hi guys

Could anyone help me to create a script that allows me to add hyperlinks hyperlinks to Navisworks objects using an excel database ?
I have tried to do something with Dynaworks, but the packages don’t have any node to do that.

Here is an exemple of my excel database


Many thanks in advance for your help

If you want to do it in Navisworks- then the built-in ‘datatools’ might work- you append data to objects using a common key. I don’t recall if this includes hyperlinks.

There are arguments both ways, but it is probably better to include this infromation in the source model (presume Revit)- rather than after the fact in Navisworks.
I don’t believe Dynaworks will append data to model elements.

Looking at your sample- it seems that the hyperlinks would apply at a type level i.e same for all instances- so you would have a type parameter of URL datatype.
Dynamo could be used to populate this from Excel- although it might just be easier to build it into your objects in Revit.