Add Crossing Vertices to Polylines

I always add crossings to my polylines that define a ramp prior to converting them to featurelines (since featurelines behave properly when they have shared verticies). Currently I have a LISP command that helps with this but I still have to add the verticies polyline by polyline. I’m trying to do the same procedure but in Dynamo. Currently I’m able to find all of the crossing verticies but I am unsure of how to add them to the original polylines if they are along the original polylines.

Any ideas on how to get these crossings onto the original polylines? Even creating new polylines would be adequate.

AddCrossingVerticiesToPolylines.dyn (13.5 KB)
CrossingVerticiesToPolylines.dwg (923.6 KB)

This doesn’t really answer the question, but as an FYI there is an OOTB tool to do this with feature lines. I think it was introduced in C3D 2021.


Very cool! I didn’t know about this addition. Thanks for sharing Zachri. Not much need for the script then I guess :sweat_smile:


look at this

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