Add a type mark to a reported Length

Hi guys im am new to Dynamo and am in need to some help with adding a Mark to a dynamo script. Basically I have a roof with 250 unique sized curved sheets and I need to add a mark to each one so that I can identify them on site. Please find the script attached which allows the curved length to be reported. Any ideas how to amend thescript to allow it to report a mark on each sheet which would then allow it to be exported to excel?




Hi @infoZ9HS2,

If you want to keep the length information in the element, you must create a shared or project parameter of type length.
You will then use the Element.SetParameterByName node to populate the value in the elements like this :

Hi Alban, I have created this script but it says: Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
No parameter found by that name. You have called thre parameter Type Length but the script refers to Sheet Length is this correct, should these be the same?

I have added ther parameter to the family then lnked it to the project using gloabal Paramters is this correct?

Also what type of paramter must the Length Type be Text or Length?


If you create a parameter in the family, create a shared parameter it will be simpler.
Then you don’t need global parameter in the project.

OK so Ihave done that and it still will not work please see screen shots below:


The error in yellow in SetParameter is still “No parameter found by that name” ?

Yes, maybe i am not inputting it correctly do i search for it or type it in?

Can you show a screenshot of the properties of your family in the project ?
Do you see the Sheet lenght parameter in the family properties in the project ?


This seems good in the project.
Maybe close and reopen dynamo to work with the project up to date.

You can also use Element.Parameters node to verify all the parameters available in the selected element.

I tried that but still isnt working. I have attached a link to test file could you can have a look at it and see iof somethign is missing please?

It is working normally for me.

HI Alban, I finally go the script to work but nothing is populating on the custom SHeet Length Parameter inside of the family. What do I need to do for this to happen?

It also is not outputting anything as it fails saying : Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of Excel.WriteToFile that takes arguments of type Function??


Why do you need the length in the family editor environment ?

Did you write a correct filepath to export to excel ?

Hi Alban,

I thought that this script took the individual lengths inside the project environment then populated them within each family so that they could then me scheduled normally (as being curved adaptive families they do not so this normally). Not to worry.

Back to my original question how do i now add a Mark to each sheet?