Add A Column in The center Of Wall According To Wall Length

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I try to Add a Column in The center Of Wall According To Wall Length and also Filter the wall length to be between two rang but the final result the column placed on the first item at index not to the item that supposed to be
set column on wall.dyn (39.5 KB)

Try using the Curve.PointAtParameter node with .5 as the input for the param. This will put it in the middle.


Hi @ae19891989

Check this. To create column you need to define centerline of column

I took it as random height. You can do it as GetWall Height and place it on geometry.translate Z-direction. You will get that offset.

set column on wall.dyn (76.8 KB)

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how can i find turnintolist

at element.location+ node

TurnIntoList is from an older version of Clockwork. You can either go hunt for that, or you can replace that node with the following Python code inside a Python Node :slight_smile:

elems = IN[0]

if not isinstance(elems,list):
    elems = [elems]

OUT = elems

Make sure that the code is copied directly and you should be fine!

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thanks man this is very helpful :slight_smile:

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thanks Nissal for your amazing effort :slight_smile:

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