Adaptive Placement using a single point

Here I am trying to place the pier family using a single point (adaptive/non-adaptive) to a end point of a span bridge created through dynamo. As usual the error of “The arguments have issues has occured”. MY queries are:

  1. How to solve this?
  2. Does a family necessarily need to placed in a polyline or a poly curve to use “Adaptive component by points node”?
  3. How can I create the whole pier using only one adaptive point?

Thanks. Please help!

No, you only need points.

Unclear based on info given. Specifically I for one would need to know how your family was built.

Was the pier designed to be placed with only one point?

You could try making your pier into an Family, you can just place Family instances along points and rotate them very easy.

Can you tell how to rotate them, is there any node?

this is how did it:

There is also Rotation option inside Revit it self. You just need to place reference point, that is hosted on correct plane of Placement point.