Acquire the coordinates of Point on Face

Hi everyone,

I needed to create a circle in a desired point location I would pick in Revit with the mouse cursor. However, I think that the “point” acquired from the “Select Point on Face” node does not have the coordinates requried by the “Circle.ByCenterPointRadius” node. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thx in advance for the trouble.
Luís Sanhudo


Hmm I can’t reproduce your error; it would help to see the output of Select Point on Face to be sure it is picking a point, but honestly not sure how it wouldn’t be

Alternatively you can try the node :snowflake:_Pick Points on Workplane in @Ewan_Opie’s package Sastrugi


Thx for the response. Using the Sastrugi node worked! Thx!

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