Achilab node replacement

I have a node that no longer works at my current job. the issue is they are running an older version of archilab and I need to figure out a replacement node for one of my graphs

I have a graph that duplicates a 3d view for each workset and sets the workset visibility for each view to only show 1 workset and renames the view accordingly

I need to replace the “Workset Visibility” node from Archilab but I don’t know Python. I tried using a code block (see image) but I have something off. any suggestions?

ok tried a different way looks like the node is responding but it wont accept “Hide” or Hidden"

Why not get the right version of Archi-lab for the Revit build you’re in? You would be done by now if so…

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fixed it my code block wasn’t a string.

the new issue… it ran, no errors and it did what its suppose to except it left the structural workset at global settings for most all except the structural view