View Sets Bug


I have done a routine that contains three hundred (aprox) of the node View Sets from Archilab package, each one with his own set preselected, but i dont know why, every time I save, the routine make to this node another output, if a place again a new node of View Set, and save, also create and output, this output doesnt allow the routine work because the only output that works is the first one.

I actualized the last package and the bug/error, doesn’t disappear. You can see it in the image:

I dont know what to do to not spoil the routine, any ideas??

Thanks in advance

Are you using latest archilab version v2020.23.11?

I have installed the latest one today, v2020.23.12.

I dont know if it could affect but yesterday, I was working on google drive, and today to check if still happens, in my own pc , in order to discard a possible problem of google drive.

I cant upload a .dyn because I’m new, so i add the routine from here:

The conclusion of all this is that i cant use the routine , because if I save the correct output (connect the first output), the node, the next time I open the .dyn, create another output… :sweat_smile:

Edit: Is it possible to do something to recover the functionality of the routine @Konrad_K_Sobon?