Accessing Individual Sections Totals in Schedules

Hello … I wonder if it is possible in Dynamo to access the “Sub-Total” values for each “Sub Section” of a certain column in order to perform a calculated formula. I was only able to access the “Grand Totals” using this nice work around here

Please see the example in the attached screen capture showing what I am trying to do.


It would likely be easier to just recreate the grouping to calculate subtotals in Dynamo. That would also make writing to the parameter easier since you would already have all the elements grouped.

Thanks @Nick_Boyts for your quick feedback.
Would you please point me to a tutorial to get started with getting the areas per group. This is where I am at now.


Where does area scheme come into play? Your schedule is for doors and they seem to be grouped by Level.

Search for the forum for GroupByKey if you get stuck, but it should just be a matter of grouping the elements by Level (name) and then summing up the totals.

Thanks @Nick_Boyts
Sorry, I pasted the wrong image capture… just exploring/playing different schedules… I will search the forum for the “GroupByKey” and share updates.

So I have been playing with different type of Revit schedules just to test a few things.
I then explored the “List.GroupByKey” and it seems to get me closer to filtering the scheduled items per each section.
In the example capture below, I obtained the “Area” objects per each level (Level 01, 02, 03 and 04). But no I do not know how to total the “Areas” per floor from the formatted list.

There’s no need to get the area values until the Area elements have been grouped. Group them by Name and then get the areas. Then you can sum those areas together and assign back to the Areas (assuming that’s what you want).