Accessing DWF/FBX GUID

After reading this article I realized there is something as a DWF GUID existing next to a Revit Unique ID as the image shows I copied from the article.

I have three questions about this Guid;

  1. Is the Dwf Guid the same Guid which is used for .dwfx or.fbx files? When I look at an object in Design Review the GUID looks different from the Revit UniqueId.

  2. As I understand from the article the DWF GUID and IFC GUID are the same GUID. Just converted. I’m interested in the DWF Guid. Is this Guid only created when a dwfx or fbx is created?

  3. Can I acces the created GUID from a fbx file through Dynamo/Python?

Thanks in advance.

This post could partially answer your question: