Access titleblock instance parameter

Hi All,

Is there a way to access the instance parameters of each titleblock on each sheet in dynamo? We have a north arrow built in our titleblock and I would like to apply the project base point rotation automatically as shown on Marcello’s post Thanks!

Hi Stavros,

Why are you trying to access instance parameter of each Title Block on each sheet?

If you follow Marcello’s workflow north arrow direction will change in all the sheets (if your using same title block family in all the sheets).



I have run in the same situation. Only some of the sheets need North arrow, I only turn on the North arrow on plans not on the elevation, sections and other details sheets.

I’ve got the same problem, did you ever find a solution to this?

I want to turn off all north arrows on my sheets that contain views with the word ‘plan’ in them.
I’ve been able to select all sheets in the project and filter the instance parameter to be a boolean value (true=north arrow on, false=north arrow off)

But if you got any further in developing a way to do it that’d be great,