About the geometric properties of the EG cross section line of every section view

I have a corridor made of several subassembly, a SectionView Group.
In Dynamo, can I get the geometric properties of the EG cross section line of every section views?
As below, I want to get the geometry information of EG between LP vs RP.
I need to calculate the area of above EG and below structure.
Is it possible using Dynamo?

With Python


Awesome! It seem work.
But I am a newbie about Python Script, I need some time to absorb it, thank you anyway.

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 Your solution is great. You really read my mind.
It can even get the link code of C3D 's Corridor, and this part is also what I need later.

Getting the link is only the first step, the next thing I want to do is get the area of enclosed areas.
Take your first picture as an example. I have to seperately get the areas below “top” and above EG, below EG and above “datum”.
May I ask you, how should I learn that knowledge, especially the Python Script, or can I hire you to help our company write this program?

You could extract the solids between two Tin surfaces and intersect them at the stations you need with a vertical plane to get the enclosed surfaces and then extract their areas.

OK, thanks. I’ll try it.

Me again.
In Line 43, it searches all objects in ModelSpace which are instantiated by “Section” class, aka, the surface in SectionView.

What if I need to get the Corridor in SectionView which Link code is “Asphalt”?

Moreover, I wish to learn how to select an object and get the object’s classinfo?

I’ve tried doc() help() type() Python build-in function, and GetType() GetPythonType() function. But Dynamo just output “IronPython.Runtime…” message. Never get the “Section” classinfo.

dir(ObjectThatYouWantToExplore) gives you the attributes