Get areas of polylines within section views


Is it possible to get areas of closed polylines within each section view and to display those areas next to each sample view accordingly?

Final result should be displayed as in the corner of attached picture.

I started to create dynamo for it, but I got stuck when I tried to separate areas to each of the section views. I have attached this image as well.

Thank you for your time

Hi @dusan.dimitrijevic Welcome to forum.

It not very clear from the image what you wish to achieve but based on explanation i guess you have a closed polygon in each section view for which you got the area already you just want to place them next to the respective section ? if i am write i wll suggest bellow method.

Select the origin of section view or point using SectionviewtoModel node. then translate this point by your preferred X and Y distance. the new coordinate system can be used as a origin for your text location.

thank you @shahid.shaikh_C3D for your answer. This was my intention in the first place, and I managed to do in other way, but I think your is quicker, so thank you for this improvement.

Along the way, I realized that this workflow will not give me a very useful result, so I started to create a new one with similar idea, maybe you could help me with this one as well, I will try to be as precise as possible.

I have created section views and within each of those section views I have created multiple closed polylines in different layers that represent different materials. I have a constant list of material names that I want to be displayed on the side and I would like to display area of the closed polyline next to the name of respective material. It gets tricky because some times there are multiple closed polylines that represent single material and there are times where there are no polylines to repersent the material.

If you have some guidelines for me, that would mean a lot to me.

Thank you!


i would suggest if your first query is resolved mark it as a solution and open a new thread for new query. this way other users can find the solution helpful.

Also i am getting it hard to have closed polylines in my section view as its generally done from corridors so if you can share the sample file that would be really helpful.

I will give it another try with a little bit different approach, and if I get stuck again, I will open another thread.

Thank you a lot for your help @shahid.shaikh_C3D

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