About Refinery features

Good day!

I have a few questions:

  1. Does the Project Refinery have an API for customizing the software operation algorithm?

  2. Is there such functionality in the Dynamo and Refinery bundle that allows you to run one Refinery process inside another?

For example, in the first stage, the top 20 results are generated.

In the second stage, for each result of the first stage, another 20 best results are generated. The results of the first stage are the input to the second stage.

At the last stage, the top 20 results are generated that take into account each previous stage. In many examples on the Internet, the generation stages proceed separately from each other. At each new stage, only one “best” result from the previous stage is taken. Although, at the previous stage could be missed such an option, which together with the next stage could give a better result.

  1. Is it possible to add sliders inside my own Dynamo node that Refinery will also process, considering them to be input data?


  1. There is no API nor any way to configure settings at at this time.
  2. This is effectively how the generations work now - the top 25% inform the next generation.
  3. This isn’t currently possible as sliders need to be integer or double inputs (meaning all possible inputs are already covered).

@jacob.small are there any plans to open up the API (even just for settings or input values) at this time, either directly through Dynamo, Refinery, or even with Forge? Also, does Refinery store all the run data somewhere or just the final results?

Not sure about the API but I don’t see much value to it - good question to ask in the beta site though. Be sure to provide the use case when you do so the team know why you want the access so they can understand the business case.

All run results are stored, I believe in the %appdata% folder somewhere, but I recently cleared that directory so I can’t confirm where.

Found the full list of results. That does help with one part. Posted to the beta site asking about the rest.

Thanks, Jacob.

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