A Dynamo node that creates an entire building from floor outline

Hi guys,

After a week of blood, sweat and tears, I am proud to share with you a new node I created that takes a group of closed model lines and turns them into an entire building model in Revit, with correctly numbered grids, levels, floor plan and structural floor plan views for each level, walls, foundation walls, floor slabs, columns placed at the grid intersections and windows.

The user inputs are: model lines (closed and drawn in a clockwise direction, just like you would draw walls in Revit, otherwise your walls will be flipped), exterior wall type (for now the placement of windows only works with generic walls but very easy to change the wall type after the fact), foundation wall type, number of overground levels, number of underground levels, height of overground levels, height of underground levels, grid spacing in x direction, grid spacing in y direction, window type, column type, floor slab type, window sill height, window spacing and window offset from wall edge.

Some important tips:

  • If you want to create a round or elliptical building, set the ‘window offset from edge’ parameter to 0 for equal window spacing.

  • Draw the model lines in a clockwise direction just like you would draw walls in Revit, so the walls won’t be flipped towards the inside of the building.

  • Use a generic wall type (with one layer) for the wall type otherwise the placement of windows won’t be successful.

OK. So all you have to do is download TomNodes from the online package manager and use the node named: ‘140218 Create a Building from Outline’

That’s it.



Hello Tom!

I found your article very interesting! Immediately downloaded your package to try it out, but I’m not sure I have put everything properly because all Im getting is just a few lines in Dynamo working plane. :confused:
Could you maybe send me a printscreen of node with it’s connections so I can check why its not working for me?

Thank you in advance, and hey, a great job!


Where can I download the files to look at this

mh, if i want to install “TomNodes” than i first have to deinstall Clockwork and Archilab and these packages are realy usefull

Interesting post.
Can you elaborate on the user inputs… where can these be configured?

hey guys,
i’d really like to try this out.
Unfortunately it’s not working under Dynamo 2.x (I think its mainly due to the dependency to Clockwork for Dynamo 1.x).

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Has anybody upgraded the package?