3D Rooms, Colour Filter override

To follow on from the twitter conversation:

Looking to follow the process that Marcello set out here:

The issue I am having at the moment is, though Marcello’s method works, is the name (which I cant understand). I want to replace the default name with the name of the room for a filter/colour override.










My limited knowledge with Dynamo is leading me towards this, which isnt/wont work:

What i want






I guess the bottom line is, can you even create a colour override for a Symbol? If not do you have any suggestions to do this? Can you create them as a mass perhaps?

Thanks for your help in advance!





Now I see what the problem is. Well, that Name parameter under identity data is set automatically by that last Dynamo node: Import instance by Geometries. That’s probably just a GUID of a given element to make sure that they are unique and not throw up an error. I dont think you can change that particular parameter, but maybe you can add another one to the family instance and set that to be the room name. Would that work for you? Of course i havent tested that idea, and I am not even sure if you can add a parameter to import symbol types so no guarantees there.



Marcelo, great work! I had no idea it saved the file temporarily like that, just so it imports it later. Really, nice. Thank you for jumping in.