3D room from wall center line

i just noticed that 3D room created from Revit room based on wall center location will still be based on wall interior fin

ish, i’m using Element.Geometry and DirectShape.ByGeometry OOTB nodes, any way around it?Project1.rvt (1.5 MB)

Show how you have built the graph and post a sample model as how your model is set up will matter here.

thanks Jacob, see uploaded for your info, great weekend!

You haven’t uploaded anything. :upside_down_face:

I think he updated his first post.

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perhaps it’s due to Revit API “bug”?

Does this help?

I have noticed that for a room, if you collect the boundary curves using some of the OOTB nodes, it seems that the first list is always representative of what you want to be solid. Using this logic we can reconstruct the solid using this logic.

The Graph:

The result in Revit:

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thanks john_pierson,
yes, it helps but it also create new problem, sometimes upper limit (even base offset) is sloped, so perhaps i have to use Solid.ByJoin instead of Solid.DifferenceAll to “expand” 3D room to wall center line, then somehow to get sloped upper limit to “cutoff” top portion of 3D room, don’t know how to approach it, see uploaded JPG for original and new (based on Room.CenterBoundary) 3D rooms from Revit arena projectCapture