2d Drafting view

Hello everyone,
When running a dynamo script on a 2D detail view, the items in the background preview in Revit are not displayed.
You have already seen this.


A drafting view is not related to the project-inviroment!

it is like a white-paper… … you can just “do” 2D stuff.



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“You have already seen this” - I am not sure how this is going to help with your question. It is always better to provide screen captures of what you are doing, any error messages, attaching DYN scripts, etc.

With that said, doing a quick search I found two YouTube videos. Not sure if this is what you are looking for: Using Dynamo to draw curves in Revit drafting view - YouTube Unfolding walls to a drafting view with Dynamo - YouTube

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Not necessary to have some complex code, just try to draw some line in 2D Drawfting
1st png line code with in blue line in Dynamo
2nd png my 2D view with nothing from Dynamo
3rd png code to place grid in 2D view (0,0,0)
4rd png my level 0 in my model with the line ??

Sounds like something to report on the github as a feature request, forums aren’t the best place. As another user said it makes sense not to see preview in 2d views to some degree, although technically they have their own 2d coordinate system for preview objects made within that.


Thank Gavin, i try to report on github

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