11 Floors, 17 Points

I wish to project 17 window points down to the nearest floor below such points.

I can make it project such window points down to the floor below, however, only 11 out of the 17. Any thoughts welcomed.

Can you provide a screenshot of your graph and the outputs showing 11/17? I’ll hazard a guess and say some of the windows extend beyond the boundary of the floors below, but a screenshot will hopefully clear everything up.

What method are you using for the point projection? Raycast? PullOntoPlane? List filtering by elevation?

Here is a snapshot…Point Project. The windows could technically be off the floors.

Without looking at it in depth, maybe you could just rebuild the points using the xy values from the windows and feed the elevation of the level into the z-Input?

That’s how I would do it.

I feel you and the previous response is correct. The points for some are missing the projected surface, therefore a correction by a nominal amount is required.

Place by point and level (x,y) End transaction. Set offset.(z)

Consider using ray bouncing to move either side of the window, shoot a ray down to hit floors and collect the first non-null element. This workflow assumes each window will have at least 1 floor on one side of it, and you don’t mind which side of the window the result comes from. I’ve used the raybounce node from Data-Shapes here.

window rays.dyn (28.3 KB)

Sounds like it could be a lacing problem.
But as you mentioned - often a window will not be directly above a floor.
In this case which point do you want to find exactly? Do you want the point of the projection of the window on the floor plane (even though there is no floor there) or do you want to find the shortest straight line between the window location and the floor geometry?
What is the final goal?